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For many of us, planning for the future is entirely too abstract. "But I need the money/time right now! Who knows what this mysterious future holds?" This article sets up a construct that helps to avoid that mental block. Plan for "Future Me," not just "the future" by setting up "future self" Fridays where you take distraction-free time to work on longer term projects. Don't worry Future Me, I got your back. 👊

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Though still in beta, it has all the earmarks of a crazy useful planning tool. Suggests & plans your multi-city travel (up to 8 days) with optimized flight options with cost, itinerary & reviews. IOS & Web.
If you've ever had to look at a city's park website, you know the frustration of trying to navigate something from the 1990s. This free app has 500K trails you can search for attributes, visually explore, favorite, download maps for, etc. 
Take it from someone that just listened to Moana 5 times in the car, this would be better. Audio to entertain and inspire kiddos. Various storylines with new episodes each week. Some include crafts, projects, etc with the story. IOS
For those wanting to go a step further with responsible purchasing, good guide will scan your items and give you the product's multi-factored rating in "health, society and environment" categories.
Use this tool to find out how much of a movie mogul you are and to plan your next binge watch sesh. Check off the iconic movies you've already seen and browse its curated lists. #popcorntime
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