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Compare and despair. I find that with so many amazing lives being lived all around me, it can be tough to be satisfied with mine. That's why this article gave me something to think about: make peace with your unlived life. Understanding that there are lives you cannot live or are actively choosing not to live and allowing that knowledge to exist without the baggage and regret it may bring. Letting it go and focusing on the life you're making right now.

Yours in "I can't f'ng decide",
Some smart and generous person created this playlist converter tool. A plain text file, a CSV, a spotify, a youtube list all converted into any other. Like, literally write a list of songs and the artist and it will make the playlist for you.
Billsley "looks" at your monthly bills and find out if there are ways you could be saving. They search your connected accounts for ways to save and then tells you how to get those savings.
Sign up with Sofar to host, play or attend live shows in intimate spaces. You can only get three of the $15 tickets and the band isn't announced ahead of time. Their slogan is "bringing the magic back to music."
Getting your hair colored is so expensive anymore, amiright? With eSalon, you pick your current color, what you're trying to accomplish (grey coverage e.g.) and your desired color and they mix it up and send it to you.   
The internet is a creepy place, tracking you in ways you can't possibly imagine. Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers. You can whitelist sites too so don't worry - you can still get your daily celeb gossip.

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