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I'm finally getting around to reading Blink and in the wake of the Oscars (go see Hidden Figures!) I found Gladwell's ideas of implicit bias really interesting. The consistently provable reality that even though our active conscious mind has a very clear vision of what we believe, we have biases that impact our actions that are difficult to dig out. Harvard has a series of tests you can take if you're interested in your implicit bias. 

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Despite the truly tragic branding, Carpe Diem is great when you're trying to figure out what to do on any given night. It aggregates popular local facebook events in one handy place.
Consistently finds the cheapest fare. You can also search from "Your city + 200 miles" or something to capture all of the nearby airports. Super flexible flight service and looks like they have high customer service ratings too.
Lots of people I know are doing a huge clean out right now. Instead of dropping some of your better stuff @ goodwill, take a pic and put it on forward. The person who wants your item can claim it and then donates to the charity of your choice.
If you're one of those people who has a million tabs open at once, this tool automatically "suspends" unused tabs to free up system resources so it doesn't run sluggishly.
As in, the invisible hand of the shopping gods. InvisibleHand finds and links you to you the lowest price on shopping and flights and shows a notification on-page there are lower prices available. 
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