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As you read this, I'm in Mexico City. And why? Because I was scared of traveling solo again. Because I felt the evil fear monkey whispering that I'm too old, too busy, incapable, that it would be easier not to. Science tells us that openness to risk diminishes with age. Conversely, science also tells us that people who take good risks are happier. To appease both camps, I'm planning a calculated risk balance -- taking small "risks" often enough to keep that muscle warm. I refuse to find myself firmly ensconced in a recliner watching Jeopardy at 60 because I've allowed anxiety to dictate choices. This trip is a roundhouse kick to the face of my fear monkey. What will you risk this week?

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Find, reserve and pay for parking online (yes, even during SXSW!) Search and compare prices at thousands of parking lots and garages so you're not just burning gas circling around... and around... and around until you finally give up and leave. 

It's an unfortunate truth that everybody poops. And an inconvenient one when you're out in public. Sit or Squat is an app from Charmin that will show you the closest and cleanest bathroom. 
I just used this to get a reservation at Pujol (as seen on Chef's Table) which can be impossible to get into. The tool is pretty barebones but you put in your dates and times for dining and it will alert you when one is available on opentable. 
Social Anxiety got ya down? You're not alone my friend. What I like about this app is that it forces you to stretch just a little bit. Similar to my fear planning in some ways. A series of steps to help flex your social muscle. 
But really, I see intelligent people posting stuff from outrageous fake news sites all the time because they're so cleverly disguised. Fake news isn't always (or even mostly) obvious. It's easy to hit "share" on something without really looking at the OG source. This is a plugin that will identify those items. 
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