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Upon returning to the US, every TV in the airport was turned to the news. I could feel the weight of all that re-settle itself on my shoulders in a very unwelcome way. I resolved that I'm going to limit my news intake. I'm happy to be informed but there's a line between informed and inflamed. And when my daily mental health hangs in the balance, I'd prefer to err on the side of aware instead of addicted and as a result, angry.
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You can try on different looks, makeup, colors and do stuff like contouring, etc. Upload a photo of your face sans makeup and then fire up the old Sephora engine. Good luck not spending $$$.
Passwords for Wi-Fi in cafes, restaurants and other public places around the world. As a user, you can add new passwords for other places as well. Extremely useful while traveling. Not ad-free.
Handwritten cards mailed for you. Super simple interface - just choose card, add contact and away they go. You can link with address book for easiest sending. Great for thank you cards. First card free.
Boriiiiiiiiing. I know. But don't forget you can get a free credit report each year from the three reporting agencies. 
Saw some of these earlier this week. Pretty signage in different languages that oyu can buy and print for home or business. 25% of proceeds go to ACLU.
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