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I'm an information gatherer. I dig around and find all the possible pieces of advice about the best way to do things before embarking on the journey. And often, I don't embark. Because I've already spent so much time learning and planning that I'm exhausted by the idea or I know entirely too much about why it will fail. I think the key thing is to strap on blinders and just do it. At least then you're making forward progress instead of sitting on a pile of hoarded (yet ultimately useless) knowledge.

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This to list app has location-based reminders. Never again will you run errands all over town and arrive home only to remember you forgot to drop off your library book.
Selfies are SO not my thing... but if ya gotta selfie, maybe use FaceTune. Where you can tweak and blur and whiten and do whatever to make your selfie stellar.
If you work remotely, We Roam is a travel-while-working program that curates living around the world. Pay them $$ each month and you've got a spot to live, work and learn. 

Each new tab you open donates money to a non-profit. I have to assume there's some kind of advertising kickback but you may as well put your 57 open tabs to good use.
Need to get something off your chest? Write with total honesty on this site... and complete anonymity. You can also read others' stories and offer advice. 
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