cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
This week, I listened to the Revisionist History podcast about generous orthodoxy based on this letter from Mennonite Chester Wenger. It seems especially relevant given today's level of polarization. I love the idea of moving away from terms like "conservative" and "liberal" and moving towards a place where we can couch our beliefs in generosity and healing the community at large. "Does this advance the cause of human cohesion?" If no, then it's the wrong answer. 

Yours in reluctant idealism,
Kelly S
Stop using the same PW for everything. If someone hacks, that nefarious entity will use a program that checks hundreds of sites with your same info & then sell that on the dark web. Sites like Uber. Like Chase. Like Gmail. Programs like this help solve that.
Next level travel blogging? Contribute to travel discovery through this app & follow other peoples contributions. They can follow your profile or just stumble upon your epic jaunt through a funky hidden neighborhood.
I'm convinced my bed is drugging me. One minute, my eyes are open & the next I'm waking groggily, drooling & disoriented. This alarm app makes you do complicated shit before it will snooze. Math problems, play memory and even a pre-set barcode scanner. 
If you like learning & picture books... Hardbound turns bestselling nonfiction books into fun, illustrated stories
that you can finish in 5 minutes. I use it as a primer before I go buy some $19.99 book that I'll end up hating. 
I've always hated evernote. Dont know why - it just wasn't for me. But I did like how it synced, tagged, etc. Currently I use Notational Velocity but this Bear Notes is much prettier. IOS only I'm afraid.
This Friday Five was determined mostly by trying to find five pretty logos that made a rainbow. You're welcome.
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