cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
We're all the stars of our own movie -- this keeps popping up in my conversations of late. We carry around this first person view of our lives, assuming that its what other people are also seeing. The reality is that no one is looking at you... they're too busy play the femme fatale or bumbling hero of their own flick. Stop letting fear of what "they'll think" influence your actions. Be present in your own movie.

Love and puppies,
Maybe you don't need a date but you could use more friends! Me3 matches you with people of the same gender in groups of three. You can chat with them and see if you share interests.
You want to do good. I want to do good. Not all those that purport to do good actually do. Use charity navigator to figure out where the right place is to put your dollars.
IMHO Macs are near perfect creatures. But the sound couuuuuld be louder. Boom somehow magically increases the volume output. Dial that shit up to 11.
Instead of searching individual sites for that LBD, search Donde. Save time by searching one site by clothing type, color, length, pattern, price from spots like Zara, Banana, Anthro, Forever21.
Find yourself typing the same thing over... and over... and over? Instead, save all of your pitches, repeat emails, follow ups, etc in this handy text expander and avoid carpal tunnel. 
This Monday Five is a product of me not using my own productivity tricks.
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