cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Earlier in the week, I came across this poem about letting go and it stunned me. Can we choose just to let go? To move forward without the burdens we agree to shoulder? To shrug off the weight of fear, to clear your head of the what ifs and the then whats, to ditch the tethers of the past that are all too real. Read it, let me know what you think. Is it possible? I hope so.

Yours in this
incredible flight sale from Norwegian,
Getting ordained is as easy as filling out a short form. Really. I just did it. I find it mildly terrifying that there's almost nothing required. In a related story, anyone gettin' hitched? 
Remember all the wines you've had regardless of how many glasses you put down. This app has prices, stores, regions, grapes and reviews. Snap a pic of the label and add your own rating.

Get outside! Sweatcoin rewards you for the number of steps you make every day outside. Earn "sweatcoins" and then trade them in for products. The exchange rate is terrible but hey! free stuff.

We all wonder where all our time goes. RescueTime tracks time spent in applications and websites, giving you an accurate (and likely unwelcome) picture of your day.
Seems to good to be true... but it's a real thing. Test trivia skills and vocab and each time you answer a question, it donates 20 grains of rice. Current total: 96 billion grains donated.
This Friday Five brought to you by rainy afternoons and Lady Day on repeat.
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