cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Remember in the 90s there were all those "shit happens" bumper stickers? The updated version seems like it would end with "...find someone to blame." I'm troubled by the ferreting out of the so-called guilty party for mundane incidents in every day life. Maybe we can reserve outrage and blame for things that are egregious? Making everything a punishable offense creates so much more fear, entitlement and ultimately, damage. Sometimes, it's just fine to shrug it off with a "shit happens" and move on.
Yours in letting go,

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IMHO the best deals site out there. I check it a couple times a day for random stuff & have alerts set up. This week, got a free bag of dog food, a double hammock for $19 and 50% off paint. #justtheessentials
Reminder that this exists! Make a loan to an entrepreneur across the globe for as little as $25. Browse projects and help an international entrepreneur directly. That's certainly less than last nights bar tab.
This app (android onlyyyy) keeps track of what time you're spending where on your smart phone and reminds you to put. the. phone. down. That weird hunch-neck thing you've got going on isn't going to solve itself.
Connect your email to Earny and it automagically recognizes receipts and gets you money back on products (if the price drops after you buy it. ) I'm always down for surprise money showing up in my bank account.
This chrome plugin might be the laziest way to learn a new language. As you're waiting for the other person on gchat to respond, it pops up vocab words in your language of choice. Developed by the not-lazy people at MIT.
This Friday Five brought to you by the Purple Prince (RIP) and skipping workouts in favor of staring fixedly at my computer.
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