cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
In honor of Earth Day, that's the earth saying hi!  <<waves>> My neighbors are starting a garden share. One has an abundance of tomatoes, the other basil. They post on NextDoor and share and everyone wins. Maybe consider doing that type of exchange with your peeps? Also, if you're in Austin, check out this amazing Food Forest concept. 

Yours in growing your own,
Share your skills or hire someone else via this easy peer-to-peer teaching tool. Also I hope there is vetting because some people are boring AF.
Faxes are still a thing. Send the word “resist” to 50409, then type whatever you want to say and bot formats it into a letter and faxes it to your senators.
Cell 411 allows you to create custom cells or groups of your friends, neighbors or family members and alert them whenever you need help; 
You know what's annoying? Business cards! These are beautifully designed digital business cards that alert your contacts to changes. Or sure, just keep using moo cards.
Where have you traveled? Where do you want to travel? Mark it all down on this handy tool instead of getting one of those bigass maps for your wall.
This Friday Five brought to you after long hours on a boat. I'm still covered in paint. Thus is my dedication to you.
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