cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Don't feed the trolls! It's like rule #1 of the internet. But what about your inner troll? That bastard is just sitting there waiting to heap doubt or cast aspersions or make you feel less than. Not giving that troll any room in your life (in the same way you'd discount a whackjob on social media) diminishes its power and its presence.
Oh troll, you so crazy.
Yours in the true art of trolling,
This app expedites the entry process for American and Canadian visitors to the US. Once you land, connect to the app, submit your info, get a confirmation and then breeze on through. Not necessary if you already have Global Entry.
Visualize your run training by tracking. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it! Running isn't for fun, people. This app that lets you see your progress and gain insight into your running. (Thanks Kat!)
This is a book exploration engine that's analyzed over a million books. Do a search for a book or author you like and then go down the awesome wormhole of what else you might enjoy. Easier than goodreads but less robust.
Bidi bidi bom bom! Pick a language you want to learn. Then the site displays popular music vids in that language. Watch the ridiculousness unfold as you take quizzes about what you're hearing.

My favorite podcast app. I've used both native Android and Iphone apps and found them to be unnecessarily complicated. Try this one if you're feeling daunted by the shitty interfaces of the others. And here are some podcasts I've ranked.
This Friday Five was created wearing one of those terrifying beauty masks whilst trying to sip wine through the tiny mouth hole.
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