cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
If you could see inside my head, you'd witness a stream of gnarly self-doubt, useless regret and of course, that oft-discussed cycle of outrage. I mean, there's other stuff in there too. Like all the lyrics to Lisa Loeb's Stay. But in trying to divest myself of that ugliness, I read Tolle's Power of Now. The lessons about observing thoughts while remaining separate from them feel more important than ever.
Get the learnings without the time-investment with this 4 minute book summary.

Yours in this gorgeous google earth tab extension,
Trying this out now and it's uncomfortable but I see the potential. It puts your email, to do list and calendar in one place. Seems like an excellent 3 in 1 if it works like it claims. Hat tip to Damien S for this gem.
SafeNight alerts individual donors to fund hotel rooms when local domestic violence shelters are full. Agencies use a web-based tool to request emergency funding and donors can pay for a room.
The Wiki founder is doing it again. His new venture is a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together. Fact-based articles and stories can be easily verified and improved.
Want to see something terrifying? Put your name and city in this engine and see your whole life flash before your eyes. Then immediately go to the removal portion and get that shit deleted.
Now that @uber & @lyft are back in Austin, you can check to see who is surging where. For my money, I'm sticking with RideAustin because of all the good they do... but you do you.
This Friday Five brought to you by long naps and too many doggies sleeping on the bed.
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