cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Lots of people are surprised to learn that the K-sisters can make $250,000+ PER Instagram post. One photo! Influencer marketing is this bizarro world that brands are trying to tap into. I just went on an "influencer" trip to a city I already love, Seattle. But in the back of my head, I felt kind of like a phony. I wasn't paying for the things I posted about... but I would have posted about them anyway?

When everyone has a voice, how do we draw the distinction between what we're willing to promote for money and what we naturally promote out of love? High fives to anyone who sends me thoughtful pieces that can help me muddle through that.
Yours in Darcy the Hedgehog,
Mystery dinners are so 2000 and late. With this service, you commit to a mystery vacay, head to the airport and surprise! find out where you're going. Like a gender reveal party without the impending sleepless nights.
I always get suckered in by a beautiful book cover because apparently I'm shallow. This site lets you read the first pages of books without cover and author to eliminate that bias.
Honey (as you likely know) finds and applies coupon codes in your shopping cart. Now they've launched DropList - make a list with desired items and it notifies you when prices drop.
This dating app has you post dates and then your matches can choose to join you. It eliminates the chatting and moves straight to date phase. You know, poop or get off the pot. IOS only.
Intently replaces advertisements with inspirational graphics. Admittedly its a bit hokey but better than a bunch of damn creepy sidebar ads about the boots you JUST googled. 
This Friday Five is not sponsored in any way. But if I do go sponsored, I solemnly swear it will be by something I would actually endorse. Like cheese balls or hammocks or lisa frank leggings.
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