cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
If you're anything like me, your brain is always jumping to the next thing. The next text, the next meeting, the next day. And that in and of itself isn't  bad... except that my busy brain prevents me from recognizing and reveling in joyful moments as they're happening.

This week, I've been making a concerted effort to recognize the "joyful moment" and just breathe in it, absorb it, wriggle into it with a shimmy of happiness. And guess what? Each day I've felt not only more capable of recognizing the moments, but also like maybe they're happening more frequently. Try paying attention to joy this weekend and let me know if you feel the same progress.

Yours in this guy recreating Mario Bros with AI,
Just hit record and start speaking to add text. Then share your looping creations anywhere. The possibilities for hilarity are endless. IOS only for now because the world is unfair.
What if you had a profesh photographer with you on your tropical vacay? This site connects you with folks that have camera, will travel. 
If you're a parent concerned with screen time, this app allows you to monitor whats coming in and set entertainment and internet time limits. Like China, but less evil.
Yeah, there are lots of asks for our money but this one seems worthy. Womentum is a crowdfunding platform for women running micro-businesses in developing countries looking for donors.
There are free classic ebooks but often their formatting is really janky. PDF? No thanks. This volunteer-driven group re-formats so the free ones are just as pretty and readable as those you pay for.
This Friday Five brought to you by an endless quest for knowledge and not enough brain space to store it in.
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