cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
The company you keep matters. If it's true that you're the amalgamation of the five people who you spend the most time with, who are you? I certainly find myself taking on qualities from friends, usually unconsciously. It's interesting to consider that, rather than having to rely on willpower, you might just be able to adjust your inner circle to achieve something next level.
Yours in lets go to Super Nintendo World in 2020.
Built by J&J, upload or "donate" photos each day and they'll give a $1 to a charity of your choice. No indication as to what they're doing with these photos... so choose wisely.
If you love the sound of kitty purrs, this sites for you. You can toggle between different purr types and set the internet apurrin'. I'm fully aware this is kind of insane. H/T Anne Johnson
Zapier creates a bridge between otherwise disparate tools, apps and systems. You can automate all kinds of personal and business tasks with their "zaps." Just set it up once and it does the work for you forever.
This site recently transitioned from looking like geocities to a legit looking Myers-Briggs evaluation. Also, FYI, Myers & Briggs were a mother/daughter team. #thanksladies
Flymble is kind of like layaway for flights. You can buy your flight now for a fraction of the cost and then pay them a portion each month until it's paid off.
This Friday Five brought to you by that breeze that comes around just when you need it.
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