cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
We're learning that grit (gumption!) is one of the biggest determining factors for success. Incidentally, I feel like the lack of grit is what our parents bemoan most about "kids these days." The good news is that we can build grit like a muscle. Sure, it takes practice, purpose and time but its #worthit. Can you dig it? Find out how gritty you are in this one easy test and then start thinking about how to add a little grit to your gravy.
Yours in the Data of Thrones,
Soothe app provides massages on demand with licensed and vetted therapists. They'll even come to your work. Never have a case of the Mondays again.
It's kind of like the Kayak for eBooks. Tell them what you want to read and it shows you where all the best deals for your next read can be found.
Outdoor enthusiasts: find and review the best campgrounds in any state. Includes photos and amenities and you can add your own thoughts. 
Decant sites re-bottle perfumes in smaller quantities, making that pricey must-have scent affordable. Also a great way to try out perfumes sans the 4 oz commitment. (Others: ScentSplit & Perfumed Court)
Creatives Without Borders connects designers and doers with non-profits in need of creative expertise. They enroll up to 12 organizations and then bring in the creative pros.
This Friday Five brought to you by re-runs of Sherlock and pondering whether they're still called re-runs.
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