cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Today one of my more corporate side-hustles is hosting an off-site Fun Friday. Yesterday, the entire company received a bolded email emphasizing that we're not closed and this is not a holiday... if you haven't been approved, your ass better be at work. In one fell swoop, this executive's clear lack of trust in his employees has reversed any goodwill. A pivot on phrasing could have made all the difference. It's much simpler (and less demoralizing) to elicit the behavior you'd like by coming from a place of trust and respect.
Yours in 100 days without fear,
Apparently meditation cures everything so start small with this 3 minute meditation app. Includes mood tracking, gratitude journal and some gamification for you competitive meditators out there.
Switching between gcal and email is a pain. MeetingBird is a plugin that puts them side by side in one window so you can access the calendar without clicking out.
Tired of aimlessly searching through the outrageous abundance of movies and TV shows? Your first world problems with decision making are over.
Easily organize healthcare information including lists of meds, notes, doctors appointments, ailments, etc. It's also accessible by whomever you care to share with (parents, SO.)
I'm torn but still think this is worth checking out. All things, all $3. Allegedly, removing the brand allows them to operate at this low price. You do have to pay some shipping.
As ever, this content is not sponsored in anyway and I only share things I would use. Suggestions welcome!
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