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I've been hosting productivity power hours lately (want one?) and no matter age, stage or technical savvy, the feeling is the same: we are overwhelmed, distracted and frustrated. While we can't suddenly become unavailable, we can minimize things trying to get our attention. Try this on your phone: go to settings, notification center and turn all off. (IOS users: you'll have to do it one-by-one.) Leave messages and phone on if you need to. Hear that? It's the sweet sound of silence.
Yours in this new, perfect take on loteria,
RIP Medical Debt buys debt for pennies on the dollar and then forgives unpaid and unpayable medical debt. Allegedly they can solve $100 worth of debt with every $1.
The book was a bit much. Her strategy of getting everything into one place though (no matter where it usually lives) really worked for me. Skip the book and use this handy checklist.
It's something Spotify has been trying to do but not very well. Though IOS only right now, Weav creates custom BMP for your running playlist. They use this thing called "adaptive music tracks" to match your pace
I often hear people bemoan the fact that its hard to make friends as an adult. This app is strictly for platonic friends. There's even a flirt alert that shuts you down.
One of the few newsletters I read each time it comes in. Current news presented in short form with a fun, clever voice. I feel informed but also enjoy how its presented.
This newsletter brought to you by a trip to Port Aransas, a lovely floppy beach hat and the IRL wave sound machine.
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