cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
When did it get so intrusive to call people? Despite the profusion of messaging options, I think our text-dominant environment makes us more isolated than ever. Anyone remember buying extra long phone cords so you could gossip privately with your bestie? In the future, I suspect we'll regret not having laugh-a-minute, wandering, surprising conversations. So, much like the choker, it's time to bring back phone calls. Make one to someone important this weekend and tell me it doesn't feel like the right thing to do.
Yours in the ta ta towel,
Splitwise looks at your whole money-owed ecosystem and auto-calculates what each individual owes. Adding people to a group may be a huge PITA but its worth it. Thanks to KWest for this.
Two useful tools in this site - estimate how much your home could make you on AirBNB and find the best time to travel to certain places based on weather and flight prices.
Create a group or add your team and find a time when most people are available in one glance. Simple and genius for trying to figure out when a number of people are free.
An entirely different kind of morning routine... get swole without getitng out of the sack. Also I feel gross just typing the word swole.
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