cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Natural disasters have a way of putting things into perspective. Suddenly people are reaching out, gathering together, finding ways to support each other. My Texas friends are feeling this pretty keenly right now. As we figure out what happens after Harvey, let's try and take those kinds of sentiments with us.
It shouldn't take a hurricane to remember what it feels like to be a village.
Yours in this golden girls clue game,
ReplyASAP makes your text impossible to ignore, forcing the recipient (recalcitrant child?) to interact with your message before anything else. (Android only rn.)
Hilarious app that tells you what the forecast is in salty terms. Can choose between clean or dirty but who are we kidding? You're going drrrrrty.
The AirBNB for RVs. List your RV or rent one for the most epic road trips. Anyone else singing Sister Christian in their head? Motoooorrrrrinnnnn!
This is a digital almanac of seasonal, local food. Check by region, time of year and it tells you what is seasonally available in that region.
Deskpass just launched in Austin. ATXLAUNCH for 75 percent off first month. I don't usually do city-specific posts but that code is too good to pass up.
This newsletter brought to you by a hard rain washing the world clean.
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