cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Routines have always seemed illogical. Why set up a practice that's inevitably interrupted by the variability of life? Kind of a cage of your own making. That said, I'm coming around to the smart side of routine. If nothing is routine, then the things I want to practice (e.g. exercise, meditation, sleeping) get pushed aside by other "more urgent" activities.
As with everything, I'm learning that the middle ground is the right place to play.
Yours in this 2 minute cookie recipe,
Diabetics, celiacs, high blood pressure people: this app scans barcodes on items and tells you whether they align with your health goals. It will suggest alternatives too. 
This site allows donors to send money directly to the poor. They have a rigorous vetting policy and are transparent around their financial practices and the impact. 
Equifax was hacked and they're trying to absolve themselves by gifting free premium ID theft detector (even if you weren't compromised.) I'd read the fine print on this offer regardless.
There are a ton of free learning sites and this site aggregates all of them. Rather than searching them individually, do it en masse. You can also add your own.
This oddly specific tool just might help you plan some fall travels. It's a leaf change predictor for various parts of the US. The leaves, they are a changin'.
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