cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Remember when we used to be heads up all the time? Did we say hi to each other more then or is that an illusion? I think we did. I'm bringing it back. A hi, how are ya and maybe mayyyyyybe even a reasonable amount of eye contact. I'll report back on whether this is great or if it's aca-awkward.
Yours in this sexy fake news costume,
I've been using this for a while but they've really stepped up their game in terms of design and usability. It was super handy during the self-engineered Austin gaspocalypse.
This is a thing! Finally. Opt out of phone book delivery. I've opted out and my fingers are crossed that I'll never get one of these doorstoppers again.
Get cash back on tons of purchases. I didn't believe this was real until my friend told me he'd gotten $130 back on a computer purchase. Now I'm full on pimpin' it.
This simple site challenges you to do nothing for two minutes. Listen to the waves and just. do. nothing. (So far i've been able to get to 17 seconds.)
Buy less. Rent more. This is a site where you can rent out your stuff  (anything!) and it makes SO much sense to me. I looked in Austin and there aren't any items yet... Should we start it?
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