cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Drinking is part of 95% of my social activities annnnd it's something I enjoy. But it's also expensive, bad for you and frankly, pretty destructive.
As we near the end of the year (gulp) I want to be especially productive and also do a bit of a reset. If you'd like to join me, I'm doing a sober October.
Yours in this terrifying/amazing body artist,
Billing itself as a "family assistant" this app is the proverbial one stop shop for all your family activities and data together in one shared place. 
Set your goals, track time and block sites with this chrome new tab extension meant to keep you on track. Maybe if it you see it enough, you'll actually do it?
Whether you're a freelancer or selling a product, this pricing calculator is a great way to back into how many dollars you need to make.
Service monitors your flight and gets you dollars when they're delayed or cancelled. It checks past flights as well and will do an auto-restitution. *Check the fine print on permissions*
Only available in certain cities but we can suggest new ones. Plan your vacation around beer. Can also add breweries and become an ambassadors.
This newsletter brought to you by the heat finally breaking + leggings as pants.
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