cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
I've been thinking a lot about showing up before you're ready. I make the mistake (often) of waiting until it feels like the moment is right - like a magical 'ding ding ding" will sound off somewhere to indicate that it's time. Turns out, that's not going to happen.
Moving forward is about making the choice minus the correct data points (plus a healthy dose of faith in your ability to handle anything.)
Yours in this emergency compliment,
PS Changing things up a bit with the format. What do you think? 
BookMooch: Trade your books
Do you have a million books? I have a million books. No matter how much I try to purge, they just seem to multiply on their own. Use this online trading place to share and share alike. 

Bvddy: Connecting people through sportsing
Bvddy is like the tinder for finding people in your community that share the same interest in sports and fitness. Find team members, hit the trail with running buds, go skydiving with a stranger. 
Winnie: Place for all things modern parenting
Winnie is a place for moms & dads to connect with other parents, share stories and advice, and find new things to do with their kiddos. Includes family friendly restaurants and activities.

GlobeKick: Travel + Working
Travel the world while working remotely. Similar to remoteyear, and weroam, an opportunity to take your gig on the road. If you can work remotely, these companies facilitate your travel.
FocusMate: Hold your feet to the fire
This tool lets you set up virtual coworking sessions with other people who hold you accountable. Choose your time to work, choose your partner, choose your goal and get sh*t done.

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