cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
If you're feeling scared of moving forward with something, the solution to that trepidation is easy: your past self has a history of being pretty awesome. Trust that future you is just as (if not more!) capable of handling whatever life serves up and just go for it.
Yours in this awesome poem written by a 3rd grader,
ps thanks to Mike Larkin for sending me this pic of a real high-fiving turtle!
Listia: Get/Give Free Stuff
This is a marketplace for free stuff. You can give away stuff you don't need anymore and get stuff you want in return for free. The best things in life are freeeee.

Shared Earth: Grow Your Own
Connecting people who have land with people who want to garden. Sign up as a landowner or a gardener. You can also share tools via the site.
Kanopy: Streaming Films
30,000 free streaming documentaries, classic and indie films if you're a student, prof or with your Austin library membership. If not in ATX, call your library.
WriteWell: Easy Writing Templates
This free online writing tool that has templates for all kinds of pieces - blog posts, ebooks, college essays, high school papers, etc. Share with your burgeoning English major.
Linktree: Instagram Linkage
We can all agree that some of the limitations of instagram suck. Linktree (and Campsite, incidentally) both provide a landing page that houses all photo-specific links.
This newsletter brought to you by finally getting out all your winter sweaters.
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