cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Sober October is overrrrrrrrr! And it did exactly what I'd hoped - freed up time for productivity, re-affirmed having fun sans drinks is possible and helped me reset my "normal" drinks number. Plus the added bonus is willpower success begets other willpower success (see also: carbs.) If you didn't do this with me this round but have a desire to, try it! It's worth it.
Yours in LeakyCon,
Simple Habit: 5-Minute Meditation
Move over Headspace. Simple Habit is coming in hot with 5 minute meditation. I figure you start with this and graduate to longer efforts. Guided meditations for sleep, clarity, stress relief... even for kids. 
Harvest Hosts:: RV Like A Boss
Just adding this to my dream of living in an RV. For $44/year, you connect with a network of wineries, museums, orchards, gardens, farms, etc. and stay on their awesome land instead of in a crappy park.
Quiz: Four Tendencies
Gretchen Rubin has a different personality parameter... one defined by motivation. Find out whether you're an Upholder or Questioner or Obliger or Rebel and figure out drives your success.
Online OCR: Text Recognition
Get ready to get really nerdy. Sometimes you have an image that you want the text from. Rather than re-typing all that nonsense, upload it here and it will extract the text.

Amazon Trade-In: $$ for Electronics
You guys know this is a thing right? Electronics, video games, books, and DVDs - no matter where you bought them. You just box 'em up and send them in. Amazon values them and pays you dollars.

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