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You don't even have to look hard to find it... your confirmation bias is right out in the open. I'm not sure I totally knew what it was before reading this article. But now that I do, it's so clear that my brain actively seeks confirmation for what it already believes.
And now, I can actively recognize that and seek out other information that gives me a more balanced worldview.
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Inkifi: Instagram Valuation
Are we tired of the term influencer marketing yet? Toooooo bad! It's getting worse. In fact, you could be part of the problem if you really, really try. Just add your insta in this calculator and learn what you (read: your soul) is worth. Focus Music
Sure you've got your favorite Spotify jams to listen to at all times but why not use science to help your focus, meditation and sleep? You'll allegedly see a difference within 10 - 15 minutes.
Don't Track Me, FaceBro
I'm now that person who says "I listened to this podcast..." like every other sentence. But listen to this one! Facebook tracking is terrifying and fascinating. Also learn how to turn off some of the creepier bits.
VinePair: Booze N Stuff
Think of this as the WireCutter for wine, beer & spirits. Trustworthy reviews from those in the know. I mostly included this because of the article entitled "the best 8 cheap vodkas for your cocktail or bar cart."
Cozy: Easy Rentals
Instead of managing rental properties through a fingers-crossed combo of excel and paypal, this is a new option. It's a kind of all-in-one spot to manage leases, payments, tenants, etc. Go be the real estate kingpin you were born to be.
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