cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Your inbox is not your boss (but sometimes it feels that way.) Decrease inbox barrage by training other people in subtle and devious ways.  Here's how:  Make people wait, have a FAQ to fend them off and tell 'em, don't ask. Since I've implemented this, I get pulled into less crises (as I'm less available) and can provide more thoughtful responses.
Yours in Cards Against The Wall
Autotext.Co: Schedule Texts
Iphone users: This app lets you schedule outgoing text messages. Game. Changer. (Android: Your phone already does this. Click on the menu options for a drafted message.)
TopTracker: Time Yo Self
Loving this (free) tracking tool that helps me track my time. You can also connect it to a team. Set up projects, do your work and it captures screenshots at intervals.
ItsEasy: Passport and Travel Visas
Despite the fact that the website looks like a 90s throwback, this is a great service for anyone who hates the passport process. Submit your own photo, apply for a new or renewed passport through the site.
StoryCorps: Record Stories
I've put this up before but around this time, I always want to put it up again. Recording stories from our older relatives is so important. Use the StoryCorps app, questions to have meaningful conversations.
Astro Guru: Reads Your Palm
Hokey but fun - this app will scan your palm and "read it" pointing out your lifeline, loveline, etc. I'd love to find one that has better design. If you've got one, send it in! Here's the iphone app.
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