cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Phone addiction is real guys. Games, apps, sites... they're actually hacking our brain. Try these three things to step away from the electronic leash:
Turn off all notifications except the essentials (e.g. texts.) Find out how much time you're spending with QualityTime and Moment and set a reduction goal. Turn on grayscale. Yes, its hideous. But you'll stop mindlessly scrolling Insta.

Yours in the one thing everyone needs (The Fondoodler!)
Sadblock: Get Happy
Sadblock is a browser extension that hides sad stories, political posts and more from social media while you browse. Turn that social frown upside down!
Santa Calls: Keep Those Kids in Line
Make Christmas more magical for your kids. Personally, I think this is more about keeping them from being total jerks during the month of December. #realtalk
Death Clock: Maximize Your Time
Okay admittedly this is SUPER creepy... but maybe also motivating? Your new tab shows you how much time to have left on this earth (on average.) Get after it, yo.
Let's Enhance: Image Enhancer
Ever thought "man, this would be a great photo if it weren't so damn grainy!" Welp, let's enhance is an awesome picture enhancer that will fill in all those dots in seconds. New profile piccccccc.
Wiffinity: Wifi Everywhere
Wiffinity is a network of WiFi hotspots that are easy to find and connect to on and offline. 30K spots around the world currently. Similar to Wifi Map but a better UI.
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