cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
People, we need to talk about flake rate. It's so much easier to flake out via text. And it feels good sometimes - the pull of your couch and wine should never be underestimated. I'm guilty too! But it really kind of sucks to be flaked on and LBH, at some point, people are going to stop including you, no matter how cool you are.
There's a simple way to solve this... or at least reduce it. One is to stop saying yes. Another is to strike a deal with yourself. You'll go but you can leave whenever you want. If you want to flake, you have to call (not text.) The temporary pleasure of extreme couch sitting pales in comparison to the satisfaction of keeping your word.
Yours in this weird elastic man game,
Pay Away the Layaway
If you're out and about, drop by the layaway counter and see if you can make someone's day. Often there will be a low amount remaining on some items and $10 or $15 can make it happen. Or you can donate to this site.
HD Rainbow: Color Palettes
Painting your house? Painting your nails? This super cool palette generator takes the colors from a picture you like and generates well, a palette, that you can then use to do whatever with. Oddly awesome.
Dyslexie Font
This dude created a font that's easier for dyslexics to read. The letters have subtle differences that signals to the dyslexic brain what they really are (vs. flipping around etc.) 
Mpix: Print Those Pics
This week I actually printed pics (GASP!) but then I was quickly informed by the internet that CVS etc all have terrible color. So MPix is the best - just order online and they'll send them on over.
Amazon Prime Now to Help Those in Need
Now this is really interesting. If you have Amazon Prime Now in your city (Austin, we do) you can APN items to someone you see in need. Blanket, water, dog food, real food. Talk about secret Santa to the max.
This newsletter brought to you by two Christmas parties I committed to and am going to, damnit.
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