cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
There are a lot of magical things about the holidays but I often also feel a lot of dread, too. Year-end self-reflection can be tough, obligation is an ever-present goblin, family can be cheery but also on edge. It's tough. Here's an article that addresses a part of it --> "You’re not the only person who feels trapped by a particular holiday script."
Whatever you celebrate this chrismahanukwanzakah, just know it's okay to feel happy and sad and frustrated and all the things because we are too.
Yours in gift wrapping hacks,
Fakespot | Identify Fake Reviews
Drop in an Amazon, Yelp, App link and Fakespot will analyze and identifies fake reviews. Because everyone knows those reseller headphones are not worthy of 1342 5-star reviews.
Supercook: Ingredient Recipe Search
Wasted taught me that by weight, the majority of landfills are thrown away food. Ughhhhhh. Instead of buying more stuff, generate recipes based on what you have with Supercook.
The Great Suspender
Look, I love Chrome... but its a memory hog. Use this plugin to auto-suspend inactive tabs so it doesn't feel like you're back in the 56K days. Also RIP AIM. 
Degreed For Me
Taking online courses is super cool but it's hard to track what you've done. Degreed for me pulls in all the learning sites (incl. youtube) so that you can see/organize what courses you've taken.
Veterans Can Get a Year of LinkedIn Premium For Free
File this under "good to know"! Vets can get a year of LinkedIn Premium for freesies. Frankly, I think it should be more than a year but this is a start.
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