cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
This year I'm going to try and really think about stuff that falls in the "should" category. Should is a double-edged sword - it motivates us to do things that we don't want to (e.g. laundry) but can also lead to serious regret when you do something solely out of obligation. The trick is to understand whether the obligation you're staring down is actually helpful, kind or useful and maybe ditching the rest.
Yours in 99 good things that happened last year,
Netflix Party
This Chrome extension lets you watch Netflix remotely with others - it synchronizes playback and adds a chat function. For when you want to netflix cheat but dont.
Giphy Gif Maker
Install the GIF maker app so that all your reaction, hilarious and embarrassing moments can be captured for eternity in GIF form.
Insurance boggles my mind and car insurance feels extra-annoying. This site puts everything side by side so you can make cheap... er, fiscally responsible choices.
Udemy Sale
Everyone wants to learn new things in the new year soooo you should know Udemy has a huge sale - $10.99 (til 1/11) on all kinds of classes. Take them and hen enter them into Degreed!
Homework App
For you young'ns or oldies that are going back to school, this app is designed to color code classes, homework, etc. so you don't fail miserably.
This newsletter brought to you by my birthhhdayyyyyyyy actually landing on a Friday.
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