cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
One of my soft resolutions is to use or toss all the items I have in a certain category (e.g. conditioner) before I buy another one. Mostly motivated by the hot mess under my sink but also by the understanding that I don't need all this stuff. And maybe if I don't have all this stuff, I can get clear about what I do need. That's the theory, anyway.
Yours in Alexa Silver,
Dear parents: You hit the jackpot! This curated list of online discounts and free software for students is everything from microsoft to spotify to lastpass. 
Read The World
Before you head to wherever your travels lead, prep with a little bit of literature with this list of all the books to read per country. I kind of love this idea
Charity Charge
Each transaction funds your favorite nonprofit at zero cost to you or your charity. Nearly 2,000,000 nonprofits and schools to choose from.
The newest thing on the cheap flights market. Specifically focused on alerting you to error fares so you're never like "damnnnnnn how did i miss that?!"
Tab Snooze
Tab Snooze extension for Google Chrome lets you put off tabs until later and returns them to your browser automatically. No lagging Chrome + actually returning to the tabs.
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