cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
I came across this book: How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You're Already Doing. And it was like... oh wait. Maybe instead of adding things into my life, I can just subtract some of the "strategies" I'm already using. Seems like kind of a weird but maybe also better approach?
Yours in the 60 best moments from 60 years of Grammys,
Enter your total budget and when you want to travel and WhereFor returns the spots that you can reasonably afford. For when that fat tax check comes in. Thanks Katie W!
Your mac is already pretty optimized but CleanMyMac is more intuitive than some of the native tools. Makes it super easy to identify how to grease the proverbial rainbow wheel.
See a pothole or something that needs fixed? Take a pic and submit it via the app and it goes to 311. You can even check the status of your report. (Here's Austin)
Lots of apps will show you the sites you've spent time on but this is the first one that analyzes and gets you back your time.
SirenGPS is essentially a panic button for your phone. Connect immediately to 911 - or its equivalent - all around the world. 
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