cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
You guys may have seen The Grief Response before but it bears re-sharing. It's indescribably hard when a loved one passes on. And frankly, no one knows WTF to say to those left behind but I appreciate this person's perspective. Maybe if you're working through something hugely sad today, it can help.
Yours in Bee Cave Bob,

PS Goodbits had some kind of weird bug that took down my FF so you're getting this today.
I'm trying to understand this crypto currency thing - I really am. And by understand, I mean reading all about it and still not getting it. But this site is pretty good.
Kind of like HQ trivia but for student loans. Play to win individual cash prizes and/or money towards your student loan debt. If you don't have debt, just play for funsies. Use code: CL97417 when signing up.
FB is too complicated. Instead, use this stupid simple app to ask a group of friends if they want a beer. Im not totally sure why this is better than texting but its pretty so Ill put it in here.

Year Of Colour
Sign in with your instagram and this tool identifies your most-often used colors and makes a little graphic. Just for fun or maybe for a cool branding exercise. #blushandbashful
Bed Bug Registry
Shudder!! Even thinking about these little jerks makes me cringe. But better to know and not come home with unwanted visitors.  (Be warned: the site is so 2000-late.)
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