cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Remember when Junior High was the worst? Of course you do - I don't trust people that had a decent time between the ages of 12 - 14. I feel like this tough talk article would have done me some good then.
And by then, I feel like it's also relevant now.
Yours in irregardless IS in actual word?
JustWatch Search
Find where to stream whatever movie and TV shows you'd like to see. Searches across Netflix, Hulu, Vudu etc and so on. Sorry about the binge watch in your future.
This is a chrome extension that takes your current linkedin profile and makes it beeyootiful. An easy, new, updated resume? You practically have a job already.
One of the only things I've featured that isn't free but its worth SO much money to never have to take notes. This transcribes your calls automagically.
There are a couple services like this but I like this interface better. This finds subscriptions, helps you manage bills, and you can cancel recurring bills easily. Like that terrible birch box subscription.

The latest in the work remotely whilst traveling game. A place to stay and a co-work space for 4 months... but also it looks like the cost of the program includes guided weekend trips. Hit the road, Jack.
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