cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Exercise. I hatessss it. But I also recognize that it serves me in the long run to be strong. That's what the perspective of age - and parents aging - has given me. Sure, I want to be able to rock a bathing suit like this babe above but I also know that the long game is key here. Being active makes you much more likely to recover from illness (and more quickly.) With that in mind, I hatessss the exercise a teeny bit less.
Yours in put on your GD headphones
This looks similar to my multiple inbox system but without having to do stars and all that stuff. Pretty nice to see your emails in an organized format. 
Prepare to be stunned. Or at least really sad about how much money has gone up in smoke (literally) over the years. Calculate how much you'll save by not smoking.
Tarjimly allows the 3 billion bilingual speakers to translate for the 23 million refugees worldwide. Sign up as a refugee, aid worker or translator.
Trump Filter
Guaranteed 85% happier with this one weird trick. (Removing Trump from your internet. So actually a totally normal and reasonable trick.)
You're rocking a solo trip, you adventurer you. But maybe you also want to meet other peeps? Connect with them via this app. 
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