cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
I like public speaking. Give me a microphone and lets do this thing. But sometimes I still get nervous and all the butterflies show up. I've found in those instances the best thing to do is trust my past self. And really, that's the answer in so many scenarios where you find uncertainty. Your past self has rocked it before, no matter what. And past actions are a great predictor of future successes.
Yours in RIP Claire's,
Austin restaurants all have this problem - they're too damn loud. Add and search for restaurants with reasonable noise levels. Or get someone to solve this damn issue already.
Party peoplllllllle! This app lets your guests control your Spotify party playlist. Now you just need more friends with better taste in music.
Find a Film Fast
With an insane number of choices around what to watch, you can just as easily spend an hour choosing. Let this app do it for you with custom recs.
SnapDonate transforms your phone into a ‘magic lens." Point your phone at your choice of charity logo and – in a snap – you can donate. Impulse donating > impulse buying.
You've got a running app... why not strengthen your emotional health too? Lantern is a personalized program with exercises for your emotional goals in different categories (including body!)
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