cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Letting others fail is nearly impossible for resourceful people. We'll jump in to save the day for a friend/relative/coworker. And often the deed goes unremarked or the IOU unpaid... or the person does it again. 😠😠😠

We're capable therefore we should.

This keeps coming up with many of my ultra-capable lady friends over the past weeks. At what point does it become unhealthy? Do you step back, knowing it might effect a behavioral change? Or just keep taking things on because that's what socially responsible people do?

Yours in a breakdown of food obsessions by year,
Insight Timer
There's like... 300K meditations in this app. Pick your proverbial poison via subject and length like "just for today" or "SOS for anxiety." Thanks to Jill F for sending over.
If it's hours before your check in or you just want to stash your bag until the next train, NannyBag operates in 130 different cities. You can book time and be blissfully bag free.
Time suck alert! Type in the name of any band you like and it will generate a dynamic map of other artists you might also like. Thanks Dena G!
FB Apps
This will link you to the apps section of your FB page. Find out what you've connected to in the past and turn them off. Good thing to clean up a couple times per year.
Prey Anti-Theft
This mobile security app works across all your devices. It GPS tracks where your items are and will email you a photo of the person who stole it when they try to use the device.
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