cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Opportunity cost is something that weighs on me more as I get older. Saying yes feels less like a good choice and more like a burden. That goes for big volunteer projects to little recommendations. And here's an article that does a good job of talking about why saying no with grace should be the default. You don't have to catch every ball thrown at you -- and frankly, for the sake of your sanity and time -- you shouldn't.
Yours in this hilarious NextDoor twitter feed,
This site does a surprisingly good job of generating business names using AI and keywords you enter. It's also got a logo component. Go start your bizzzness already.
Buy Nothing
We're all trying to pare down/eliminate waste/save money. The Buy Nothing project has created groups where people can give, share or request stuff. Thanks to Kat M for this.
Easy and simple free time tracking software for freelancers or anyone that's trying to track their work. Or the amount of time you spend on FB. Thanks to Marco for finding this. 
Scan barcodes and learn the ethical history of the company who made the product. Using your dollars to stick it to the bad guys.
Have I Been Pwned?
With all these data breaches, its hard to keep track of where your data might have been compromised. Have I been pwned tells you where the creeps gotcha. 
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