cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
It feels like divisiveness is our new knee jerk. Society perpetuates that myth of "the other" that our frail human brains perceive as difference and then uncertainty and then ultimately fear.
But there's commonality in all things. The trick to building a community, forging bonds and understanding the bigger human network is actively seeking something to connect with - especially when you don't want to.
Empathy is a great antidote to suspicion, resentment and division.
Yours in this troubling lollipop you can have made in someones face,
PS. This #FF sent to you from Buenos Aires!!
What's My Day Rate?
You guys... lets get paid! This site takes into account a ton of factors and comes up with what you need to make an hour. Show me the money, yo.
If you travel a lot, this new service is amazing. Use their marketplace to deliver goods and make dollars on wherever you go. Because why not pay for your trip?
You like to get deep, right? This purports to be the "AirBNB of diving." You can search where you're going, book an experience, plus keep your logs, etc. So get out into to the deepest deep, you diving diver. 
Google Takeout
Wanna download all the things that google knows about you? You cannnnnn! Head to google takeout and prepare to freak out.
You are what you stream. This aggregates your music and uses "streaming intelligence" to tell you what you're loving and listening to.
This newsletter brought to you by not crying for Argentina (but totally vacationing here.)
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