cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
I just got back from a trip abroad and I re-re-re-learned that I don't know anything about anything. Peoples' lives and perspectives are so different everywhere. And travel is fun and glamorous but also it feels a little like a "should do" in the best way. An obligation to know more of the world, know more about people and subsequently, know more about yourself.
Yours in this Grandma's printed jokes,
Find rental listings for RVs or rent out your RV based on amenities. They also provide city guides, 24 hours assistance, DMV checks, and 1 million in insurance for both drivers and renters.
We learned that in South America, and probably other spots, Uber and Cabs have a serious enmity. Cabify is their alternative to Uber. Somehow they've escaped the wrath of cabbies and might be safer abroad.
Make Trump Tweets Eight Again!
I mean, they're already ridiculous. But somehow, written in an eight-year old's handwriting, it all makes sense again.
People that want to build things connect with people that want to promote things. For all those "I have a great idea!" moments. Thanks to Marshall J for the find.
Book tours and find activities in whatever city you're visiting. I did a search in Austin and it came up with things I'd actually recommend so I'm hoping that holds true for other cities.
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