cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
I'm tired of seeking inspiration. I'm tired of seeking motivation. I'm tired of reading every book, bookmarking every medium article, watching TED talks, listening to podcasts, watching open-mouthed in admiration as other people build their empires.

I'm going to try something different - putting blinders on and just DOING the great things that spring from my brain. Enough with the research and the unpacking and the feeling my way through - it's time for building my own proverbial empire.

You too?

Yours in seagulls and pepperoni,
We want to learn things but who has the time? Dip sends you a 5-minute lesson every day. It's a relatively simple way to learn something new, one day at a time 
When you're writing a long article, email or whatever, this tool will find all your most commonly used words. Enough with the "awesome!" already.
All-in-One Messenger
This aggregator takes all the messengers - Messenger, Facebook, Slack, Skype - and puts them in one page so you're not switching. Now if we could just put an auto-responder on all of them.
If you're trying to keep track of your mood, productivity, energy etc, Daylio lets you do that without having to type anything. It's also kind of a micro-diary tracking what you do each day.

Cat in a Flat Home
Use this tool to hire someone to make kitty doesn't scratch the shit out of your couch while you're on vacay.
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