cool stuff i found this week + a fuzzy high five
Stop playing to an audience. Play to YOU. Do the thing that lights you up because it lights you up. Make the thing that scares you because you refuse to be scared. Feel and feel and feel.
I'm guilty of being too much in my brain. Will this work?  Who will love it? How will I market it? WHO CARES? Do it - and figure out the audience later (if ever)
Yours in forgotten pianos that are strangely beautiful,
Do you have a ton of unused gift cards that you accidentally hoard? I know you'd rather have the dinero. Just sell them already on Cardpool's marketplace. They have most of the popular stores and restaurants.
Station takes all the websites that you have open at all times (canva, gmail, blahblah) and turns them into an easily accessible dock. Bye bye endless tabs, hello easy switching. Thanks to Chris S for finding this. 
I'm kind of a dumb packer. Like, I traveled with a body-sized suitcase for years. So now that I have a carry-on, I need to remember what I do and don't actually need. Keep track of what you need to take with this app.
I like Blinkist but their interface is a little janky. Subscribe to Instaread so you don't have to read the pedantic marketing books that you're supposed to (while still getting the info)
Digit saves for you. If you're like me, you just transfer your "keep the change" savings to your checking account which totally defeats the purpose - use Digit to save dollars and invest for you.
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