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Saying no is hard for me. Well, really, it's hard for a lot of people. But I've found a hack that's working. Go to whats my date rate, calculate how much you should be making per hour and use that as a guide.
"Is this opportunity/dinner/event worth $400 of my time?"
If the answer to that is no, then your answer is no. Time is money, after all.
Yours in these oddly on point comics,
Find all the running events going on in your area by searching by area, distance, etc. Also discover running clubs for you maniac runners out there. 
E-Waste Recycling
How many annoying-ass cords do you have laying around? Instead of dumping them into the trash, you find a recycling program near you. Here's the one for Austin
Put your money where your resolution is. Commit to your resolution, sign a "contract" with yourself and get some dollars on the line. It's way more effective.
AirBNB Price Corrector
We all know about AirBNBs pricing bait and switch (oh really... that's the cleaning fee?) This extension will show the actual price for a place you're looking at.
5 Ideas A Day
This random dude posts five ideas per day. You can discuss them with fellow subscribers, with your buds or think about them or whatever. I just kind of think its cool.
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