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One of the biggest follies of non-verbal information (social media, texts) is that it has to go through our warped personal filter. That pic of your ex with his new girlfriend feels like a personal affront. A FB status is probablymaybedefinitely referencing a weird conversation you had. The real likelihood is that the other party is not trying to speak to you insidiously via the internets.

It's not about you.

Tell your brain thank you for doing its job of interpreting the world around you but in this instance, its spiraling services will not be needed.

Yours in bumblebee butts,
Mr. Number
Some of these functionalities are built into our phones now but they're not at the level I want. Until that fateful day, check out Mr. Number for blocking spam calls (including blocking an entire area code.)
American Gut
This tool is not about getting test results or anything (unlike services like Ubiome.)  They're just collecting as many gut samples as possible to use for thousands of research projects. Painless altruism guys - get with it.
New Gmail
Have you switched to the new gmail yet? DO IT. It's slightly disconcerting but the new features are excellent (e.g. snooze, smart reply.) I know, change is hard. But its sometimes for the better.
3-Minute Journal
Similar to the 5 minute journal but in website form. It's pretty bare bones but if you're more digital (like I am) this is a good alternative while still creating a great record of your days.
Waze Carpool
If you drive to a j-o-b every day, why not share a ride? Waze has really upped their carpool game with the option to ride or drive that includes ratings.
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